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bullet nad
28 Sep 2014 : 22:07
I had to hold the cards in my teeth while typing, but i did what i could.
bullet HANZUKI
27 Sep 2014 : 13:39
Yeah! What he said! You gonna do it! (I already did it, so put 'em up there Nado)
bullet elrickxxv
19 Sep 2014 : 20:52
The lyrics to the Annual Jam Folk Song should definitely be on this site. I'm going to start a thread about it, but I need Jay and Dan to step up and populate it!
bullet nickknuth
15 Sep 2014 : 22:20
that is one goddam jam
bullet elrickxxv
15 Sep 2014 : 17:02
I have to agree with Nick, they're tight. I'm especially digging the Goddamn Jam.
bullet nickknuth
14 Sep 2014 : 12:15
hell yeah jams are tight this year
bullet HANZUKI
20 Aug 2014 : 19:34
The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines. Go!
bullet nad
02 Feb 2014 : 01:17
We also need a common Black Keys song.
bullet nad
02 Feb 2014 : 01:12
Songs we have (late night drunk) planned to play this coming Jam: "Stubborn Love" (Lumineers), "Little Talks" (Of Monsters and Men), "It's Summertime" (Flaming Lips). Rock.
bullet elrickxxv
29 Sep 2013 : 13:08
That jam is so awesome...

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