2010 Better and Better and Better ...
The 2010 jam was a complete success!!! On top of that... No major injuries for anyone involved; Fantastic! This year we determined that we were attending the 7th Annual Jam. After so many jams it amazes me how different each jam is even though the same core group of people attend every year.

This year was more mellow than the recent years in that not quite as many people attended and a few of us did our best to avoid the hard liquor, but it was by no means a snoozer. There was a great jumble of catching up with friends/family, eating wonderful food, jamming on all sorts of instruments (including congas), playing frisbee, and drinking a plethora of beer and liquor.

I spent around eight hours last Sunday (10/03/2010) in a marathon of pulling tracks off the MR8-HD recorder. Last year it took me a long time to get everything transferred to my computer for processing, but I managed to get all the tracks off the device on Sunday. Now comes the fun part... Over the next two - three weeks I'll be ripping jams from all those tracks. Once I get a couple mastered, I'll create a download area, post them up there, and modify the website's player to have the 2010 tracks on the play list.

Partial List of Players
Nick Jacob Gary Joby
Nad Jay Dave Joe
Lisa Angela Bill Nicole
and others

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