2012 Jam Rocked the House
2012 Jam... Oh how I love you. Let me count the ways, Family, friends, jaming, partying, failing to wake up before 3pm, failing to go to sleep before 7am, BEERS, SHOTS, GREAT FOOD, disc golfing, complete and total insanity!

I realized this year that sometimes it takes a week plus of insanity to regain the sanity lost throughout the rest of the year. All of our lives and jobs are taxing, and it turns out that the Annual Jam is a great release for all the pent up energy that we really don't have a good outlet for the rest of the year. I can honestly say that I don't know what I would do without the Annual Jam... Not only do I get to bang on drums, strum the guitar, mess with the bass, hang out with friends and family, but I also get to blow off all this steam that I didn't even realize I had built up. What can I say, every year The Annual Jam becomes a bigger part of my life, and I never want to give it up.

We delayed the jam to the week after Labor Day this year because it was beyond scorching hot last year at that time. Turns out it worked for us; Labor Day weekend was super hot, but the next weekend, which was the jam, turned out as beautiful as we could possibly have hoped for. At this point I think the jam should always be after Labor Day.

I don't have the recorder yet, so I cannot speak to when the jam tracks will start appearing on the site, but I'm hoping that I should have it by next weekend. The last I remember, around 7 am on Sunday morning of the jam, there were over 60 recordings on the MR8-HD. We'll have to see how many of them actually boil down to decent tracks, but I'm thinking this may be a record setting year.

Jacob rocked the house this year with the help of some of the regulars, Jay & Nad, you know who you are. He even sang some Gogol Bordello, man was it awesome. Not only did Jacob tear it up this year, but Jay Man decided to learn how to sing. Who can possibly complain about a bunch of custom sung Gogol Bordello? I cannot my friends... It was flat out awesome! Turns out that's a great description of the jam in general this year.

Hell yeah everyone. I'm not sure how we pulled it off, but this year was better than last. Man I love it.

Partial List of Players
Nick Jacob Julie Kristina
Nad Jay Joby Sarah
Keith Angela Bill Nicole
and others

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