2011 Jam... Awesome.
What can I say all... Another great jam has come and gone. Like those before it, this one was an absolute blast that I think I may still be recovering from :)

This year Nick decided we needed to start the jam on Thursday, thus making this the first three day jam in our history. Those of you who join us know that adding that extra day could be rather dangerous... and it was. But we all soldiered through, partied, jammed, consumed, etc...

There was an unseasonable heat wave in Rockford this year, so we all cooked in the garage Thursday & Friday. We had to keep an industrial fan going just to keep us cool enough to play. Unfortunately that means the recordings from those nights will have a nice little hum going in the background, but that's what it took, so no complaints here.

I got the recorder in Monday. I was getting ready to write a program to extract the tracks of the device because I'm sick of the 20 some steps it takes to get one full recording off it. Fortunately I did a little searching online and found that Fostex, the manufacturer, provides a little utility that allows me to extract the 4 tracks that make up 1 recording in a single step. Score! It doesn't completely automate the process, but close enough that I'm half way done extracting Friday night.

A couple other items of note from this year. Nick's family acquired a dog this year that was just under five months old at the time of the jam. I tell you, that is one mellow puppy.
This year also includes Jacob's very first guitar Jam. He played rhythm, Nado soloed, and I banged on some drums. It was pretty sweet. Go Jacob! Look forward to jamming with you next year.

Partial List of Players
Nick Jacob Gary Jill
Nad Jay Joby Sarah
Keith Angela Bill Nicole
and others

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